Artist to Artist, or A-A, is an online-based platform meant to showcase young artists of all mediums. It seeks out creative minds to learn about their life, their craft, and what the nature of art means to them.

Originally when we began developing A-A, we updated our website with features and submissions as they came to us. But now as a way to get content out to our viewers on a semi-regular basis, we have decided to update our website bi-monthly, in which we choose a theme to explore in relation to art, and express these notions through the content we post. As a way to introduce this, we pick an artist who we think encompasses this idea and explain why. Alongside of that, we interview creators, review pieces of art, and accept submissions of personal art of all forms that also exemplify this theme. 

A-A accepts submissions of all art forms to be featured on the website weekly: original music, mixes, poetry, photography, and more. If you are interested in submitting a piece of work, you can send it through our submissions link or shoot us an email at in an attachment with your first and last name, age, hometown, and an excerpt about the concept behind your piece.

As far as profiling artists, if you are interested or know of someone who is interested in being featured on the website, feel free to contact us.