Amanuel Tezera

A prominent trait of an artist is their unconditional, nearly automatic ability to define themselves through all facets of the world. It is simply a lifestyle. Last Wednesday we got a hold of 19-year-old Amanuel Tezera, graphic design student at Wayne State University. He resides in Detroit with his girlfriend, where he spends invaluable time on art work. The loft he lives in reeks of self-development and exploration; depths which are continuously a work in progress. It feels as if you are stepping into someone else’s mind. Tezera believes environment is super important when making art.

“I have to keep the same energy in here to make me want to create art,” said Tezera.  “It has a certain vibe to it, so that’s how I would like to keep it.”

What was the deciding factor in you pursuing art for a living?

I was trying to take a route that my parents would take seriously. I didn’t wanna go to college in the first place, but my mom is a nurse, my dad is a doctor, and they believe in that shit. So I chose a money making route that kinda involves art.

What does your creative process look like? Has it changed over time, or have you found stability out of habit?

It changes. Sometimes I work really fast, sometimes I’ll go for 6 hours to create a piece, sometimes over a course of a few weeks; one process is not better than another. The longer pieces have a realism factor and have what is in my imagination and what my thoughts are projecting.

Tezera working on a new art piece.

Tezera working on a new art piece.

The theme of hands throughout your work is prominent. What draws you to that subject?

I think so much in an epiphany. That’s how I come to conclusions. I feel an epiphany coming, it feels so close. The hands I draw, I have a dream of them. I draw on fingers to remember them, reaching at something or coming close to a thought. They’re in a grasping manner like they’re about to grasp something and hand it me, which is that conclusion you come to.

What are some other interests you have in creating, as far as different mediums, styles, and subjects?

For a while, I was working with just graphite and charcoal. I was afraid to use color ‘cause I didn’t like the idea of not being able to fix my mistakes. But once I got deeper into my imagination, I felt like I had to use color. My thoughts were colorful and positive; a popping and euphoric mixes of colors.

What predominantly influences your art? This can be anything, from other artists, to real world experiences, etc.

A lot is influenced by real world experiences. I have a hard time keeping up with dreams. I love Basquiat. I have a portrait I did of him.  There are musicians that I can’t really put a name to right now, but I like Cashmere Cat. I just got to my sophomore year of college. The real world is different than high school. You see so many different things, and your mind tries to process them. So yeah, I got a lot of things added to my imagination.

When you create, what message are you trying to convey? Or do you solely create for yourself?

A little bit of both. I want people to question art pieces and wonder what the intention is behind it.

To see what Tezera is working on, follow his instagram @new.pov or to get in contact with him, email him at