Art as a way of life

Artists come in a variety of flesh tones: as painters, singers, seamstresses, writers; the list is more like a continuously unraveling scroll, if anything. Art is what makes us human. It stems from our relentless desire to unveil the deeper truth of our existence. As a byproduct, art has become the threshold between the abstract and the higher consciousness. The two meet at a combustion. Meaning is defiled from the chaos of the world, chiseled into finer mediums to promote an equal understanding of the human experience.

So what means does it mean to embody art as a form of living? And more so, what bearing does that have on the soul in a world where the longer you live, the art of living becomes an empty routine, rather than a visceral experience.

Artist to Artist is an attempt to lend young, coming of age artists a platform to share their insights. The nature of creating is fundamental to evolving as an individual and an entire population, and we hope that the youth inspires something within you to flourish. 

This is the little art that could.