David Aaron freestyle over T.I.'s "Sorry" featuring King Cashes.

Flint artist, David Aaron releases a freestyle over T.I.’s “Sorry” featuring King Cashes. This serves as the first of many songs he plans to release before his EP “innercityOUTERSPACE” Fall of this year.

David Aaron Social Media:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/davidvvron

Instagram: www.instagram.com/davidvvron

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/yearof1992

King Cashes Social Media:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/KingCashes

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kingcaaahes

TPTPTV1 by Abstrakt Mind

TPTPTV1 is here. The second official release from A:M finally surfaces from the CT emcee! The project includes 6 tracks featuring the smash “KTM Anthem.” Featuring production from D-Major, Kid Beatz, and Foozy and a solo feature with his Saviors counterpart MarkdaMighty.

Twitter: @abstraktmindKTM

Instagram: @abstraktmindKTM

HIGH FIVE Mixtape by Jalin Rumely

My purpose in Music is to create a sound different from everyone else's. I recently released a mixtape called 'HIGH FIVE' that was my first project ever! I also have 2 singles so far 'PreparationPop Style Remix'  Currently I'm working on a new mixtape called 'SOUR PATCH' with 16 tracks that is set to release in early June. I post films and episodes of my life on Youtube. "


Youtube: Jalin622

Twitter: _jrum 

Instagram: _jrum

EP2 by We Have Ghosts

This EP is the second in our current two guitar and drum machine setup and I feel like it’s our strongest and most far-reaching work so far. We put a high priority on texture and movement with with our releases and this EP is the most cohesive marriage of those two qualities we’ve achieved yet. We recorded, mixed, and mastered this album ourselves in our living room, a fact I mention not as an excuse for quality but rather as a point of pride.

This is also the first release on a label we’re forming called Main Lake Records. The label is intended to beginning artists with physical releases and the ins and outs of being a band in the world today rather than one focused on releasing music for capital gains. We want to help people who love their music play it, record it, release it, and be proud of it.
— Bryan of We Have Ghosts Philadelphia, PA~

Back by Mike Ford

Hello, my name is Mike Ford. I make rap/hip-hop music of course but with my own individual outlook and expression, something I believe you guys will see as things progress. The song I’m submitting today is a song about my past as a child, “Back”. We all have memories of being young and completely oblivious to everything surrounding us. Life has a way of making some of these memories seem more important than they actually are. Nostalgia can be a brute or ethereal depending on what you’ve been through. In my case you’ll feel the warmth of what once was and the longing attached to it. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this as much as I did creating it.
— Mike Ford

Twitter: @MikeFord313rd
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/godbodyford
Instagram: @mikeford313rd
Tumblr: logrizzly.tumblr.com

Detroit by Marcel Brown

This shot is about the hope I have for the city of Detroit. I’m stretching my hand out, trying to help with the rebuilding of the city.
— Marcel Brown

Instagram: @mdotbrown_
Facebook: mdotbrownphotography

Boundary Situations by Charles Rogers

This is a 4 song EP written by my band Charles Rogers. This is our second release, and came together quickly over the span of 4 months last fall. I feel it is some of the most intimate work I have done as a musician, covering a spectrum of moods while also retaining a cohesiveness to it.
— Jack Cawthon

Facebook : @Charles Rogers

Limp Dick Poetry by Bryce Huffman

I am sick of your limp dick poetry!
It describes the lack of feeling I see
in the audience when you do your best
Shakespeare impression. You use villanelles
to paint pictures of small town romance, while I use
hard rap verses with the spirit of Eazy, Biggie, and Left Eye,
the brash attitude of Pac with a Dilla rhythm to my stroke
to evoke emotions you haven’t felt since the first time
you felt the inside of a lover’s thighs.

Nobody wants the same off kilter poems about pages
with black ink and sunshine on rosy cheeks. They need graffiti
angels on their favorite liquor store, and blunt wraps
to let all their stress become ashes. We need more slam-oriented writers,
less poems you need degrees to decipher, more Bloods and Crips
speaking against violence, less editors criticizing everything urban.

Honestly, there’s two versions to most poems I spit. There’s the page
and the stage, but platform shouldn’t dictate the satisfaction.
I write for the college kids coming home from class too tired
to think about anything except their mattress, but I’m also writing
for the kids who look at college as pretentious. I write for the nappy headed
pusher on the corner wishing for some Jordan’s, and the fans of Wordsworth
and Whitman. So for your editor’s dissing my directness you should listen,
I really don’t appreciate you culture haters hoeing me, and the audience don’t feel
none of your limp dick poetry. 

I started writing “Limp Dick Poetry” after I got another poem rejected from a publication because they said it was more like rap than poetry, even though the poem didn’t rhyme. The editor then sent me examples of what they were looking for and it was this old, dry ass, overly archaic ass shit I’ve been reading in poetry anthologies for years. I showed my friend the email and he called it “ashy dick poetry” which means it was written by guys who never had sex and never masturbated. I then started writing with that title and changed it to limp dick. The rest, as cliche people would say, is history.
— Bryce Huffman

About Nothing by Mike2Times

I’m from Detroit, Michigan, apart of a rap collective called Hippy Dudie Gang. These are random thoughts I had mixed with word play. It was actually a freestyle I did at someone’s house and laid out in the studio.
— Mike2Times

Souncloud: @Mike2Times
Twitter: @PAMIKED1